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Top Down Demolition in Pittsburgh Using Remote Control Hitachi Excavator

Cleveland Ohio based B&B Wrecking Co. has completed a top down demolition project in the middle of the city of Pittsburgh using a remote control Hitachi excavator. This Hitachi 38U was installed with a Remoquip remote control system that allows the machine to be operated from the cab and via radio remote control. Because of the high risk nature of this particular project and fear of part of the building collapsing during demolition the management of the demolition company looked at other means of completing the project where there was no risk to their operators. After extensive research the company decided to purchase a remote control excavator from Remoquip. Remoquip sourced the machine of their choice fitted and tested the remote control system to the machine and shipped it to the site located in Pittsburgh, USA. The machine was brand new with warranty both from Hitachi and Remoquip. The excavator can perform every function from remote control including operating any type of attachment. For this project the little Hitachi was lifted to the top of the building by means of a crane and began demolition working its way down with its hydraulic hammer.

The remote control excavator demolished the entire building floor by floor until it reached the bottom and the building was no more. The demolition contractors called the whole project a huge success and had the Remoquip remote control machine to thank for the job getting completed without any injuries and on time. The safety of it's employees is the highest priority to B&B Wrecking who are striving to make the industry safer.