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World Demolition Awards Winner




Winner of World Demolition Awards


Works with excavators, loaders, bulldozers, skid steers and more.

No Need To Adjust Or Adapt Your Machines


Easily switched to remote operation.


Innovation Awards Winner - Tools & Attachments



Innovation Awards Winner – Tools & Attachments

Developed And Tested Over Many Years


Offering safer machine operation with NO adverse effects on machinery.


Remoquip Demolition Robots

Remoquip Demolition Robot Sizes Available From 2 to 50 Ton

Enhances And Broadens Possibilities


Offering a completely new scope of operation for standard machines.

Institute of Demolition Engineers

Remoquip is a member of the Institute of Demolition Engineers

Remoquip’s award winning patented remote control technology transform standard machines to radio remote controlled equipment. Our world patented dual control product gives the operator the option of driving a machine the conventional way in the cab or via remote control if work is to be completed in dangerous or hazardous environments. Remoquip offer the largest range of demolition robots in the world with robots ranging in size from 2 ton to 50 ton. Remoquip also custom build robots for working in steel plants blast furnace’s and various other custom build remote control bespoke projects around the world.


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