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Remoquip’s award winning patented remote control technology transform standard machines to radio remote controlled equipment.



Remoquip design and manufacture a worldwide patented remote control system for heavy duty hydraulic equipment that allows the machinery to be operated safely in the most hazardous environments.


This system can be retrofitted to most standard machines available all over the world such as excavators, wheel loaders, skid steers, bulldozers, etc. The system can be turned off and on when needed allowing the operator to drive the machine from the seat as standard but switch to remote control on demand when working in a dangerous environment. This greatly enhances the machines capabilities, opening up a huge range of work for standard machinery while keeping the operators safety a number one priority.


In addition we design and build a range of bespole projects on behalf of clients in various industries throughout the world.



Remote Control Machines Supplied Worldwide

Remoquip offer worldwide shipping on new machines fully fitted with a Remoquip remote control system. A customer can order and specify the machine type, make, size, specifications, attachments, etc. Remoquip will supply the machine equipped in accordance with the agreed specifications fully tested and calibrated and can arrange shipping worldwide."

Remote Control for Heavy Equipment

Remoquip remote control systems can be fitted to most hydraulic equipment. Standard plant machinery from 2 - 200 tonne can be transformed into remote operated machines.

World Demolition Awards Winner

Remoquip received the Innovation Award for Tools & Attachments at the 2016 World Demolition Awards ceremony in Miami.


No  need to adjust or adapt your machines

Easily switched to remote operation

Innovation Awards Winner - Tools & Attachments

Remoquip has won the Innovation Awards in the Tools & Attachments category

Developed And Tested Over Many Years

Offering safer machine operation with NO adverse effects on machinery.

Institute of Demolition Engineers

Remoquip is a member of the Institute of Demolition Engineers



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