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Remoquip offer the largest range of demolition robots in the world with robots ranging in size from 1 tonne to 100 tonne. Because these robots are custom built from standard excavators as the base model for the robot Remoquip can custom build to any specifications. An industry proving very popular for this type of specific custom built work is the steel plant industry. Remoquip custom build robots for working in steel plants blast furnaces and various other custom build remote control bespoke projects around the world. Each robot is built to the customers specifications in accordance to what task the robot will be performing in the plant.

For the latest robot there were a number of specifications outlined by the customer. Base machine to be a 6 tonne excavator (Kubota KX060 used), robot with all functions to be operated fully via radio remote control, replace cab with heat proof enclosure, replace standard plastic diesel tank with fabricated steel tank, manufacture a straight boom to allow the arm of the machine to be positioned closer to the ground due to height restrictions, steel tracks, heat proof entire machine and hoses, emergency operation facility in the case of any breakdown whereby the machine can be operated manually in order to remove from the danger zone.

The Remoquip robots are performing very well under the harsh environments of a steel plant furnace area and the operators are happy with the user friendliness of the entire machine. Reliability is ensured from using a top quality OEM base model such as Kubota. Remoquip have focused on delivery of the very best end product to the customer exceeding all requirements and specifications required when placing the custom built order. The Remoquip robots operating at the steel plant blast furnace are clearing slag and preparing for the next cycle.