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Remoquip remote control systems are traditionally used to remove an operator from a danger zone. Such examples are using Remoquip remote control excavators as demolition robots in construction sites. However, Australian Utilities Management company located in Sydney are using a Remoquip remote dual control Hitachi 26U excavator to increase operation efficiency. The little digger is used for vacuum excavation around high pressure gas main pipes. The Remoquip remote control system allows the operator to get out of the cab and operate the machine on the ground closer to where the vacuum is being used. This increases the operator’s visibility dramatically bringing more efficiency to the whole operation when manoeuvring the machine around the high-pressure gas pipes in a sensitive and safe manner. This has resulted in increased productivity and greatly improves the operator’s visibility of critical gas infrastructure.

See the machine in operation here => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_flyaRwowB4

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