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Remoquip is a remote control system for heavy duty hydraulic equipment that allows the machinery to be operated safely in the most hazardous environments.

Remoquip interface modules are fitted to equipment such as excavators, loaders, bulldozers, etc. This equipment is available as standard in every country in the world.

Once fitted with the Remoquip system these standard machines are transformed into remote operated units capable of undertaking a whole range of demanding tasks with the operator removed from the danger zone to a safe location.


tick-Trans 24Landmine removal

tick-Trans 24Excavation of ordnance

tick-Trans 24Natural disasters

tick-Trans 24Emergency services

tick-Trans 24Excavation

tick-Trans 24Rock breaking

tick-Trans 24Construction work

tick-Trans 24Demolition

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Remoquip Remote Control modules are designed in such a way that the main control unit and radio remote become standard for a large range of machines with the harness or fitting kit being specifically designed for a particular make and model of machine.

The system is connected to the host machines hydraulic system without the need to adjust or adapt the machines settings or parameters in any way. The host machine continues to operate as standard and can be switched to remote operation when the necessity arises and returned to conventional operation again by merely switching off the system.

The Remoquip system has been developed and tested over many years and has no adverse effect on the machine it is fitted to, but in fact enhances and broadens the range of possibilities taking the safe operation of such machines to a new level. It also creates a complete new scope of operation for such machines.

Universal Remote Control for Hydraulic Equipment


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